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Posted by _Malorie_ at Jan 19, 2009 5:57:26 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Name: Malorie
Ocean: Viridian
Item: Fashion
Prize Preference:
1.The Prize Flapper Package
2.The Love Boat Package
3.The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
4.A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
5.Other Deliciousness
Images from Puzzle Pirates were used to make the color palette image. Quid Pro Clothes was used to create the models.

Piratey Attire

Lonely wench looking for that special someone? Lad can't decide what to get his lass? Ye will most definitely need a new outfit in Valentine's Day fashions! But what in the seven seas is a Valentine's Day outfit? We knew that only Malorie would have our answers. "This year is going to be a little different than before, but Mal will save you from your fashion woes," she said.

Color Palette
Color is very important to an outfit as color is a symbol of the holiday of love. This year, with the addition of lovely magenta and rose, ye will have quite a selection of colors.

Colors, in order from left to right: Red, Magenta, Pink, Rose, White

"All of these colors are ravishing, but don't get carried away," says Malorie. Here is her list of do's and dont's:

-DO wear red/red
-DON'T wear white/white
-DO wear magenta/rose (lovely combo)
-DON'T pair a color on the list with a color that isn't on the list

The garments are the most important part of the outfit, of course, so ye need to be very careful when picking out yer attire. Visit a tailor shoppe in yer archipelago, or visit some tailoring stalls that have a rack so ye can try the attire on before buying it.

There are several choices for a wench to wear, from fancy to shabby. The classic corset and gown combo, paired with a romantic laurel and fancy boots, will make her feel like a million PoE. For a daring twist, try a midriff blouse with scarf instead of a corset.

Pictured here be the lass wearing a laurel, corset, gown, and fancy boots.

Would she rather not wear a skirt? A tabard, flare pants, wide-brimmed hat, and fancy boots will suit her well. Or maybe she'd like a scarf, midriff blouse with scarf, stripy knickers, and fancy boots. Fancy boots are quite classy, and a lass will want a pair for most of her outfits.

The lass is wearing a scarf, midriff blouse with scarf, stripy knickers, and fancy boots.

For a lad who enjoys his lass dressed in a more simple way, he can buy her a feathered hat, shirt with belt, short dress bottom, and boots.

This Valentine's Day, a lad can look dashing if he chooses one of the following fashions.

There is often heated discussion between wenches about the belt with bracers top. Some argue that it is both attractive and useful, but others claim it is unsightly, even repulsive. If ye like it, wear it with a captain's hat, loose pants with sash, and fancy boots.

A lad clothed in a captain's hat, belt with bracers, loose pants with sash, and fancy boots.

If ye don't fancy that top, another dressing will be right. To make a bold statement, a lad could wear a bandana, striped shirt, kilt, and boots with gaiters. For a formal look, he may try a musketeer hat, captain's jacket, pants, and fancy boots.

This lad is wearing a musketeer hat, captain's jacket, pants, and fancy boots.

Ye know that million PoE feeling ye get when ye deliver a new outfit from the tailor? When ye get yer new Valentine's Day dressings, ye will feel even more happy and confident than usual! Confidence is just what ye need to find that special someone. Ye will be noticed not by yer attire but by yer lovely personality-although fashionable clothing never hurt anyone!

[<3] Malorie [<3]
SO of The Rum Rockets, crew #20 :]
Member of The Gods of Rum, flag #21
Soon to be owner of the Unstable Mullet! [although this has no real importance, except to me!]

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