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Posted by CapnKkatz at Jan 18, 2009 6:20:40 PM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Name: Greylady of Malachite
Item: Top Ten List

My entry is a pictorial representation of the "Top Ten Reasons Why Pirate Men Fall In Love". I hope ye all enjoy the countdown! Here are the thumbnails (text not too legible at this size), or see below for link to full-sized images or slideshow.

Here is the text, in case you have difficulty reading the list:

Top Ten Reasons Why Pirate Men Fall in Love

10. She smells better than the fish.
9. She thinks bald is beautiful.
8. She knows which way to go.
7. She lets him b-nav.
6. She doesn't laugh when he runs into rocks.
5. She sees eye to eye with him.
4. She does ANYTHING to fix ship damage.
3. Her booty is HUGE!
2. She lets him share her familiar.
1. Her hook caught his heart.

Please click here for the full-sized images, or click here for a full-sized slide show.

Prize preference order:
The Prize Flapper Package
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
The Love Boat Package
The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
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