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Posted by Ezmerelda_M at Jan 18, 2009 12:58:10 AM
Re: [Entry thread] PUZZLE PIRATES WEEKLY Valentine's edition.
Adrielle of Viridian;
This is a travel article.
Prize preference: The order listed in the contest post =)

Here's my attempt:


This Valentine's Day - Why not visit an
Exciting and Romantic Retreat?

Avast, me hearties! When planning yer next romantic Valentine's Day holiday, why not go somewhere exotic and completely different? If ye have a sense of adventure, and like the outdoors, why not visit the famous Cursed Isles? Sure, it might be infested with zombies and cultists, and ye may or may not live to tell the tale, but what is a holiday without a little excitement?

The picturesque holiday destination of the Cursed Isle

For thousands o' years, these little known islands have been evolving their picturesque landscapes, which make perfect backdrops for a romantic holiday. Visitors to the islands are often amazed at the tranquility of the Cursed Isles; With their rustic villages and unexplored jungles, these islands be the perfect place for yer Valentine's Day escape. On the other hand, if yer not the 'relaxing and lazing about' kind o' pirate, there be plenty o' activities and exciting things to do on yer Cursed Isles holiday!

Transport: Travel to this amazing holiday destination via express sloop voyage. Marvel at the magical green fog (but try not to inhale it). Ye may have to work whilst on board, but once ye reach the island, ye can sit back, relax, and take in the crisp sea air and the smell of rotting zombie flesh (that is, ye can relax in-between the frequent and vicious attacks from locals, during which ye will have to fight for yer lives).

Activities: Immerse yerself in the tribal cultist culture! Swordfight and rumble to stay alive! Listen to the chants and rhymes of the local poets! Marvel at the creativity of local mask artisans! Enjoy walks through the cursed jungle (but mind the snakes, and do not touch the red flowers; both will kill ye)! Day trips to the cursed volcano can also be arranged, and give intrepid travellers the chance to get up-close and personal with a million tonnes of swirling, boiling lava!

A glimpse of the rugged jungles of the Cursed Isles

Shopping: For all those shop-a-holic pirates out there, the Cursed Isles is the perfect holiday destination for ye! Shop for souveneirs, including famous Cursed Effigy dolls - no one should be without one, and these make the perfect gift for that special lad or lass in yer life.

Food: Enjoy a romantic and candle-lit canibalistic cultist culinary cuisine dinner, as well as pineapples, pineapples, pineapples! And some coconuts... Just do not eat the green stuff. Trust me. Just do not do it.

Accommodation: On-island accommodation is incredibly affordable, and offers visitors the chance to stay among the rustic surrounds of the cultist village. Fall asleep to the soothing sounds of zombie moans in yer very own private beach shack!

One of the comfortable Cursed Isle shacks, available to visitors

People: The local people have vibrant and enthusiastic personalities, and will almost certainly try to kill or maim ye on arrival, but this is all part of the amazing and unforgettable experience of visiting the Cursed Isles!

Make your Valentine's Day holiday special this year by visiting the Cursed Isles! Your lad or lass will thank ye! As a special bonus offer to our readers, mention this article to recieve a 10% discount on yer holiday. Bookings can be made through Cursed Isles Tourism Co. Book today!
~~~ Adrielle, Ezzleart and Enfyz ~~~
... (& @AmazinAdrielle on Twitter) ...

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