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Posted by davsbrander at Dec 8, 2008 3:17:30 AM
Re: Looking to gain interest - High Stakes Poker
Meh again I agree with Radders. Leave it here. I'd be semi interested and seems a good format. The way to combat the watchers seems a good one, since if its in a local house you can use /plank to remove those that don't pay up.

Plank won't remove them from the game though, so it would need to be pay before entry.
Next point is who do you think the those involved could/would trust to hold 200k?
The overall format seems like it could work.

True, sometimes it's easy to forget little things like that.
As for who holds the poe... Maybe what would be best is to get 2/3 people that people trust to be made housemates and the poe is put into a chest in the house with a record of who has paid in the house news. That way the poe can be checked that it's been received etc.

Edit: YAY Christmas avatar!

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