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Procedures for Securing a Handline Transit of the Panama Canal. The procedure for both ports, Cristobal & Balboa, are the same, however, in some cases the phone numbers are different. We have placed all the phone numbers for the Balboa Port in (), otherwsie, the numbers listed are for Cristobal.

1. Admeasurement and Clearances:

a) All vessels desiring to transit the Panama Canal must be boarded and cleared by a Canal Boarding Official. Vessels must be measured prior to their initial transit or their first transit after modification to structure.

b) Vessels without local agent, which have previously been measured, and which have not been modified in the interim, must be inspected and cleared by a Canal Boarding Official and receive an Admeasurement Clearance form as the initial step in securing transit. It's required to have 4 lines on board, 125 feet long each, with a 3 foot eye, recommended at least 7/8" in diameter so they could be placed around the bitts located on the walls of the locks; also a clean toilet, sufficient fenders, and a whistle. There is no fee for the issuance of this form, which must be resubmitted for each transit and which is valid for two weeks (14 days).

c) To request attendance by an Admeasurer or Canal Boarding Official when a local agent in not employed, vessels in the Port of Cristobal should call the Cristobal Signal Station on VHF channel 12, or call the Cristobal Admeasurer's Office at 443-2293 (Balboa Admeasurer's Office at 272-4571).

d) Depending upon the particular circumstance of the case, the appropriate official may then visit the vessel to perform any necessary paperwork, measurements and inspections. Such visits will be conducted only between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. local time, and are subject to deferral due to anticipated work load changes. In an effort to give better service to our clients, the ACP is offering the option to whoever is interested, of paying the overtime rate, so the Admeasurer can make handline inspections after normal working hours. The fee is $75.00 per hour of overtime with a 2 hours minimum. In most cases, the transit criteria will be established during this visit, and the owner/master will be appraised of the requirements for transit.

e) Alternatively, the master of the vessel may be instructed to come to the Admeasurement Office in building 1000 Cristobal (Balboa: 729, which is located just minutes from the Canal Commission Building), between the hours of 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., weekdays only, to receive clearance.
2. Payment of Tolls:

a) Panama Canal tolls are assessed on the PC/UMS Net Tonnage, which is the base on the internal volume of the vessel and also whether the vessels is laden or in ballast as determined by the admeasurer, anyhow, Panama Canal charges small craft by standard fee's based on their length overall.

b) Payment of tolls can be arranged through a local bonded agent, or can be paid directly at the Citibank in Cristobal. Direct payments are accepted in U.S. dollars cash money only. In order to pay tolls, directly, you must present the proper Admeasurement Clearance.

c) The total fee includes the transit fee and the buffer. The buffer is to be used in case of additional charges incurred during transit. The buffer is refunded if not used. The total deposit fee is based on length overall.

Length Overall Transit Fixed Fee Buffer Total Deposit Fee
Up to 50 ft. $550.00 $900.00 $1,450.00
51-80 ft. $800.00 $900.00 $1,700.00
81-100 ft. $1050.00 $900.00 $1,950.00
101+ ft. $1,550.00 $900.00 $2,450.00

d) On the Pacific Side of the Isthmus, the Citibank is located in building 778 in Balboa. The telephone number is 228-0165. Tolls may be paid between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. on regular business days.
3. Transit:

a) Transit date and time can be obtained from the Marine Traffic Scheduler only after the vessel has been cleared, transit requested and tolls paid. The telephone number of the scheduler is 272-4202 and should be contacted after 1800 hours the day of the inspection but prior to 14 days after the issuing date of the Handline Inspection form.
4. Additional Information:

a) Upon contacting the Admeasurer's Office, the inspection and measurement normally takes place the same day or following day. Several forms have to be completed, all of which are provided by the Commission; they include the Admeasurement Clearance and Handling Inspection, Crew List for Incoming Vessels, Handline Lockage Request, and Ship's Information and Quarantine Declaration. A small guide, titled The Panama Canal Guide for Yachts and Small Craft, is also available. This guide contains general information about the Canal, a map, and other helpful information.

b) Once the inspection and measurement have been completed, passage is normally approved within a few days, however, you must complete the passage within 14 days, otherwise you will have to complete tthe paperwork again. During the time you are waiting to be scheduled you are can remain in the Yacht Club or in local waters; on the Atlantic side most stay in an area known as the "Flats".

c) You can't make a Canal transit without either a Pilot or Transit Advisor aboard. Transit Advisors are normally used for smaller boats, with Pilots for larger commercial craft.

d) If you intend to complete a second passage within 2 months, measurements of your yacht are not required, but another inspection is; the procedure is the same. If your second transit is within 15 days, there is no inspection or measurement required, just the paperwork.

e) The buffer, which is returned approximately 45 days after your transit is completed, can either be returned in the form of a check, or direct bank transfer. You would have to stipulate this when you are filling out the forms and paying the deposit.

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