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Posted by WesternActor at Sep 1, 2003 4:52:48 AM
Count me in.
I'm definitely in favor of some of the stuff you talk about.

I've only been playing the game for a little over a month, and I'm already experiencing something of a malaise when it comes to most of the duty puzzles. Especially during long play periods when we may not be pillaging a lot (or when we are and making a lot of money), and variety would come in handy then to help keep my interest in the game (which tends to flag over the long haul). I love the idea of using the money for something immediately useful both in-game and meta-game (giving more opportunities for duty puzzles).

Of course, I think the missing element in all this at this point is crafting, which might make the game more interesting almost to a fault. I think that will help some of the "what do I now?" aspects of the game that seem to be creeping in--at least for me--but anything that will give the in-game actions, especially regarding the day-to-day activities I generally try to play games to escape FROM, more variety I will be completely in favor of.

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