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Posted by emshort at Sep 1, 2003 4:42:16 AM
Ship upgrades and puzzle variations
Some friends and I have been discussing whether Y!PP suffers from what I think of as the Sims problem -- after a while you're just earning money in order to buy more stuff (clothes, fancier props) but the actual gameplay doesn't change much as you improve.

I realize that there will be more nuances in the economy, flag wars, etc., when everything is added in. But it also seems like it would be fun if you could earn your way to new variety in the puzzles.

Here's what I was thinking. If you saved up enough money, you could buy some customizations for your ship above and beyond the color changes and so on that other people have suggested. The result would be that the task-related puzzles would then become harder/more intricate on that ship. For instance, upgraded sails would change the sailing puzzle. So there might be more difficult patterns to clear platforms, but if you did well, those kinds of sails would let you go way faster. That way, veteran players would be able to get access to new kinds of puzzle.

Another thing that we thought about was that if you had these sails installed on your ship, the person doing the sailing might be allowed to choose whether to do the regular puzzle or the harder version, so that newbie jobbers would not be completely overwhelmed.

Specific suggestions for this kind of modification:

Fine brown cloth rather than regular cloth sails --> sailing puzzle gives more junk blocks and/or more complicated patterns to clear, but you can go faster if you do a good job than if you do well at regular sailing. (Or for extra extra challenge, maybe another color besides yellow/blue/white.)

Carpentry toolbox upgrade --> holes aren't just larger but maybe a funnier shape. For instance, they might have objects already in the middle of the hole that you have to work around, as if you were patching a hole around a mast or something else that has to be allowed to come up through the middle. If you wanted to be really evil, there could be objects in the middle of the hole that would explode if you built over them (fuses, maybe). But again, if you were good at the puzzle you'd wind up doing faster damage repair.

[Sidenote: I also really wish there were a way to fix the place up after you're hit by cannon but before the swordfight starts so that you don't get penalized with so many black blocks. I gather that's not supposed to represent ship damage as much as damage to the pirates themselves, though. So maybe good carpenting shouldn't fix it, but a shipboard medical kit and/or potions bought from the apothecary would help?]

Improved bilge pump --> ... I'm not thinking of a really good change to the bilging puzzle, but I'm sure you could come up with something.


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