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Posted by Hooha123 at Oct 27, 2008 12:12:17 PM
Halloween on ice!
Since Halloween is not coming to us on ice, I have decided to bring Halloween to us! On the Afternoon of the 29th 30th and all afternoon and night on the 31st there will be Great fun and Poe to be earned, we will start off on the 29th by a WB pilly this should last a few hrs so get prepared to earn some Poe! On there 30th there will be nothing to big since the OMs are throwing a ball on the main oceans just some tourneys again with Poe and little Halloween things to be won. Then on the 31st we will have another WB pilly (this is the big one) then Atlantis where we should make good Poe and maybe even some Atlantean artifacts!! Who knows someone might get lucky enough to get a seahorse. Then after we sink or get back to port there will be tourneys set up once again with prizes including ships and cloths. There will be a Halloween party hosted in theflash's manor on shatterstone, this will start right after the WB pilly ends, there we will be having the best dressed and and worst dressed contests and a heartie fest (heartie fest is where you make sure everyone there is on ye heartie list if they are not invite them to be ye heartie.) This is where the tourneys will be hosted from.

Then the big one happens on the 1st. Blockade day! It will happen at noon game time. It may look like only a event but it is really for the island of eieio. Come out and support The Gate Keepers and help them take eieio from the clutches of speed and his crew. Job contact will be jobber, jobbing starts at 11AM game time. Going to be late? Don?t worry we should have ships running in and out to pick up new passengers.

If you have any Spare halloweenish items blondlady will be happy to accept any donations for the event.

Thank you;
Blondlady, Queen of The Gate Keepers.
Blondlady Of Colbalt
Blondlady of Ice

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