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Posted by Perlandria at Oct 18, 2008 7:32:52 PM
Re: 'Still Teh Prettiest' Forum Contest Discussion Thread, for GCPP Gilthead
The last of the prizes are distributed. Everyone has everything now, to my knowledge.

And now that all the judging and awarding is over, we can show you our entries to our contest. We took a LITTLE bit of time between getting the go ahead and the start to imagine what our entries would have been. These were the basis for the Mind Reading awards.

We've loaded these to a Flikr pool, to not flood the wiki with game art that isn't specifically from the prototype, to not use the storage on our prototype host and especially so everyone can still join in.

The flickr group doesn't allow discussion, to direct people back to the proposal thread.

And so, here are my 6 entries (here instead of the Mariner's Muse thread because someone locked it (again)):
With Six You Get Fail Roll





and Bigfoot

Furnishing Puzzle Project:

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