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Posted by EmberLeo at Oct 11, 2008 12:10:29 AM
Re: 'Still Teh Prettiest' Forum Contest Discussion Thread, for GCPP Gilthead
Hello folks,

Perlandria, Chien and I got together this evening to decide on the winners! We are announcing the prizes now, but they will not be available for distribution before Sunday. Also, a couple of you have decisions you need to make to let us know which prize choices you prefer!

And now, without further ado:

First Prizes:
The prize for Prettiest Design/Original Game Colors (Sloop named "Pretty Gilthead", Gold Topped Magenta Ribbon Trinket) goes to:
Maialiana for Savanah/Under The Sea
Chien and I couldn't stop arguing over which design was actually prettier, but we all agreed that this prize goes to Maialiana. We'll let you choose which colors you like better for having your sloop painted. Beautiful!

The prize for Most Functional Design/Original Game Colors (Sloop named "Functional Gilthead", Black Topped Magenta Ribbon Trinket) goes to:
PrincessKyli for Top Heavy
The concept of tapering came up repeatedly, and we like it quite a bit. Chien, our programmer and primary judge of Functionality, was specifically impressed with the nuance on the concept this design used, in noticing that the pieces are not only larger by shape, but also incrementally stronger, with the fish as the strongest piece in the game. Great job!

The prize for Prettiest Design/Alternate Colors (Atlantean outfit, Gold Topped Pink Ribbon Trinket)
The prize for Most Functional Design/Alternate Colors (Atlantean outfit, Black Topped Pink Ribbon Trinket)
go to:
Kiv for Widow Queen
That's right, Kiv wins TWO Atlantean outfits, and both pink ribbons. Yes, Widow Queen happens to have been the only recolored entry, so it was guaranteed to win one of these awards. However, the specific attention to detail, background pattern, symmetry, and concept is what warranted each award separately. Fabulous!

The follow Honorable Mention Awards were each chosen by one of the judges for reasons of personal preference:
Perlandria's Choice Award (Blue Starfish): worminator for Atlantean Explorer
Chien's Choice Award (Gold Starfish): Maialiana for Savanah
Breaking Ember's Brain Award (Broken Trident Tine): Maialiana for Straight to the Point
Reading Perlandria's Mind Award (Archelon Egg): PrincessKyli for Top Heavy
Reading Ember's Mind Award (Archelon Egg): bemao for Rainbow Sculptor

The following Finished Product Awards are given for designs that we can and will implement as-is:
Feelin' Gilty (Magenta Coral): Birdmanjon for GiltEdged
With the Band (Blue Atlantean Band): Maialiana for Red Rainbow

The follow Rough Draft Awards are given for designs that have inspired us with some specific but incomplete concept to implement in our game:
Coins Concept (Sand Dollar): worminator for Glittering Gold
Tiny Toes (Sand Dollar): Maialiana for Tip Toe
Primary Colors (Sand Dollar): Saltyjane5 for Form & Function
Shape Confusion (Sand Dollar): Oceanprinces for Pychedelic

The following Naming Convention Awards are given for witty names and/or concepts:
Y!PP & Furnishing Tie-In (Gold/Black Fish & Orange/Red Fish): Kiv for Brigand King Table Series
Y!PP Tie-In (Blue/Blue Fish): worminator for "Atlantean Explorer"
Art Tie-In (Gold/Burgundy Fish): Birdmanjon for "Gilt Edged"
Art Tie-Dye (Green/Orange Bottle): Oceanprinces for "Psychadelic"

And botdudemod gets the "Got To Hand It To You" award (Zombie Hand) for combining our example patterns (Checkerboard, Fish) into one "Scurvy" concept!

And last, but not remotely least, the Grand Prize for Best Overall set of entries (Big Cat or Carven Table & Gold Mirror Trinket) goes to:

Congratulations! So what was that about finishing out the cycle?


To make things a little easier on you folks, here's the prize aggregate by Pirate. If there is a star next to your name, you have some choices to make. Please contact Perlandria via PM.

*Kiv: Big Cat or Carven Table, Gold Mirror Trinket, 2 Sets of Atlantean Clothing, Gold Topped Pink Ribbon Trinket, Black Topped Pink Ribbon Trinket, Gold/Black Fish, Orange/Red Fish

*Maialiana: Sloop named "Pretty Gilthead" painted Grey/Blue/Aqua or Orange/Yellow/Lime/Green, Gold Topped Magenta Ribbon Trinket, Gold Starfish, Broken Trident Tine, Blue Atlantean Band, Sand Dollar

*PrincessKyli: Sloop named "Functional Gilthead" painted Grey & Blue/Red/Yellow, Black Topped Magenta Ribbon Trinket, Archelon Egg

worminator: Blue Starfish, Sand Dollar, Blue/Blue Fish

Birdmanjon: Magenta Coral, Gold/Burgundy Fish

OceanPrincess: Sand Dollar, Green/Orange Bottle

bemao: Archelon Egg

Saltyjane5: Sand Dollar

botdudemod: Zombie Hand


That's everything! Congratulations to everyone, and thank you very much for playing with us. We will be implementing many of your designs and ideas into our next game release, along with some nifty ideas of our own.

We did have fun playing around with designs that we can show you now that the official contest is over - including the proof that some of you really did read our minds! If you have more ideas, we are always enthusiastic to hear more so feel free to continue adding to the entry thread (after we get it unlocked again) - of course we can't promise any more prizes after this...

Thank you again, from all of us,
--Ember, Perlandria, & Chien--
Furnishing Project - Gilthead

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