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Posted by Perlandria at Oct 4, 2008 4:53:50 PM
Re: 'Still Teh Prettiest' Forum Contest Discussion Thread, for GCPP Gilthead
i have a question how can e crop things from the protoype or get the files from the gilthead art cause its always opening with winzip and then i dont know what to do next

I find the easiest way to play a game I want to crop is to choose Custom Parameters. If you are building a table with a color pattern, choose all the colors but limit the pieces. If you are building a table with a mostly shape pattern, choose either all the pieces, or all the pieces and the wildcards. Do not choose knots. I like to not have the rat gnaw, and to choose the 15/15/15 timing so I don't have to see it. If I am on a fast computer, I'll choose a river speed of 3. And most useful, I choose to only have ONE SCROLL.

One scroll is really useful because your table sits there, completed, until you hit refresh and get to start a new game. So you have the time to find the Print Screen button. Take a screen capture using print screen and open up any art program. Paint works, assuming you have windows.

Once you have pasted your full screen into paint, find the crop tool. It should be a little box outline selection. Select the table blueprint area from tabletop to bottom of the feet and hit control or apple C, or Rightclick Cut. Open up a new file in the art program. Paste in just the area you selected with Control P, Apple P, or right click Paste.

Save that file, and upload it somewhere we all can see it.

Better instructions on how to crop and host are here:

Does that help at all?
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