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Posted by Megami1 at Oct 1, 2008 8:51:29 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
I briefly tried to set up an IM sheet on Google. Briefly.

I made an attempt at doing a Google-based version of the tool once too. There are simply too many missing functions to make it work nearly as well as the Excel version I was maintaining at the time. I actually opted to move development to Java (which I didn't know) to try making some sort of system that would allow for more long-term growth in the tool, included shared copies through an eventual server of sorts. I bought a book on Java and it was way too difficult for me to pick up so I gave up the idea.

In other news, I stopped by to check out the tool's development since I've been away. Glad to see Megami and others are still plugging away at it. Downloaded the recent version (7.1 Beta) and poked around a bit and liked what I saw.

Miss you Belgarion. Glad you had a chance to look at the new tool and more importantly that you like it. <3
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