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Posted by Perlandria at Sep 16, 2008 2:46:00 PM
Re: 'Still Teh Prettiest' Forum Contest Discussion Thread, for GCPP Gilthead
Now with more bandwidth!

I swear, as soon as I can log back into the Y!ppedia I am going to log in for the whole month. And hug it and love it and call it George. And take it out for a nice dinner.

If you were not able to see the examples or download the zip file, please try again. We've moved our page. If anyone is having trouble seeing the examples or downloading the zip file off the new page of, please contact Perlandria or Emberleo in PM and we'll gladly help you directly.

It is fantastic everyone was looking at the contest enough to hit the old page limits, and we apologize for the bother.

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