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Posted by joedigriz at Aug 29, 2003 11:28:28 PM
Re: Ship HO! Man the guns! A guide to Sea Battle
Very cool, Whistler. I'll add this to the Puzzle Tips thread.

As far as the movement tokens go, I generally try to keep at least 3 of
each lying around. To clarify what was said, the little selecter under each of the 3 tokens determines which token gets generated at that time. I find it helpful to try planning out moves several steps in advance, so I have a good idea which tokens I'll be needing in the next turn or so. I can then concentrate the selector on the token(s) that will be involved. Otherwise, I tend to do a "round-robin" kind of thing, where each token gets a chance to build up another 2 or 3 before I move to the next one.

Also note: The tokens are turned-based. You do not have to move in consecutive turns, or even at all, if ye wish. This also implies that you don't have to fill up your movement bar. I rarely do that, unless I'm pulling off a complex move or have to move large distances. Instead, I'll usually just use two or maybe three tokens to get myself in postition for something better next turn. (Question: how do cannons factor into ths? Do they fire before or after movement?) On top of this, you can intentionally let the other boat do a movement or two before you do.

There's a reason for this. Against player boats, 9 times out of 10 the boats will converge on their own accord, unless the defender is trying to avoid battle. So maneuvering against a player is relatively straightforward, and it's easier if you don't try anything complex. Brigands, however, are different. Okay, that's the wrong word. They're actually beyond idiotic when it comes to sailing. (I don't know if this is intentional, or if it's just that the devs haven't had a chance to smarten them up yet.) They get stuck in whirlpools - multiple times. They run into rocks - multiple times. It's not unusual for them, sitting two squares away, to go around you and miss completely. Once every now and then, they'll surprise you by managing to go around obstacles and head towards you, but generally they show no smarts whatsoever. (Note: ye ol' Black Ship is a notable exception. It comes right after you, first firing all of its cannons for several full turns, and then heading straight to where you are. Not only can ye not defeat the ship, not only can ye not defeat the Skellies onboard in melee, but ye have no chance of outrunning it either.)

The best strategy that I've found against brigands, then, is to be patient and wait them out. Move a couple of squares at a time. Put the ship in a position to be run into by them. Rest the ship every now and then to see what, exactly, they're doing next. Hang around a rockpile, if possible, because chances are the brigands will run into it a couple of times before eventually stumbling onto you.

Also, as Whistler has pointed out, if ye find yerself next to a rock, facing it, yer screwed. There is no "reverse" token. Either content yourself to sit there doing nothing, or spend one "turn" token. You'll hit the rocks, but it'll only happen once, and then you'll be facing away from then again. Hitting the small rocks causes minor damage - enough for a few black (indestructible) boxes at the bottom of yer swordfighting screen. Hitting the big rocks does more damage. Hitting them multiple times is, well, not recommended.
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