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Posted by apekid at Aug 29, 2008 5:54:46 PM
Re: The "Goodbye" Thread
Well, the new update got me to thinking.

I dislike the new foraging game. That's neither here nor there, though, because I wasn't much of a forager. However, with the change in foraging comes the change in the way gems function. Now, running large amounts of gems gets them stolen from your ship.

Honestly, the thing I enjoyed more than anything in this game world was running gems. Nothing was more fun than taking a fat load of gems from one end of the ocean to the other, raking in thousands of PoE profit, and sailing home laden down with cash. Gem running was the only reason I went through the pain of memming the entire ocean.

Since that's gone, and since I really don't like pillaging, SMHs generally suck, merchanting is boring, running a shop seems dreadfully dull, and, well, I hate the new foraging game, there seems to be little reason to hang out.

I may be back. But for now, Idclipper sails no more on Malachite. Or anywhere else for that matter.
Idclipper of Malachite

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