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Posted by marryat at Jul 20, 2008 2:30:05 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Byof: Build Your Own Familiar
Build Your Own Familiar contest link here.

- A "materials photo", showing what your familiar bits looked like before you turned them into a familiar.
- A "finished product" shot, showing your familiar at its best.
- A "glamour shot", showing your familiar perched on something. (Ideally on your shoulder!)
- A brief list of materials and instructions on how you assembled it.

A Ginger Monkey!

I like this shot better than the official one linked below, but I forgot the card in it.

Materials list:
pipe insulation
2 wire clothes hangers
liquid starch
powdered ginger

A few notes on how I assembled my ginger monkey:
We are currently remodeling our house, and I liked the look of all the sawdust that had gathered under the table saw, so I thought it might be used somehow to make a monkey.
We also had an interesting bit of leftover pipe insulation that I imagined would make a good base for his body and head.

So I first I made an armature out of the coat hangers by straightening them, then cutting and bending them into a basic wire frame for my monkey. I cut and attached the pieces of pipe insulation to the wire frame. They have a cut on one side and a sticky adhesive under plastic strips, making it easy to slip over the frame. Next, I needed a way to hold him so I could work. This
proved difficult, I first tried sitting him on a stick on a bottle, but he was too wobbly, so I settled on embedding a large cooking fork in a old bit of packaging styrofoam, and sticking him on looked VERY uncomfortable (poor monkey), but did the job nicely.

Then it was time to mix up a dough out of the sawdust. I mixed together some sawdust, flour, a little liquid laundry starch (not sure this helped any) and some water. I added a bit of powdered ginger, because he was a ginger monkey, but the color and smell were overpowered by the look and smell of sawdust. It ended up looking just like tuna salad, and scared my son (who doesn't like tuna) into thinking it was our dinner. Unfortunately, it behaved just like tuna salad might, it went on the body, but slumped down before it dried, and kept sliding right off the wire frame. I kept adding flour to stiffen it, but no matter how much I added, it was like trying to make a sculpture out of tuna salad. I next tried wrapping a small section of the wire with bubble wrap, but it still slipped right off. I removed the bubble wrap, and just as I was about to chuck the whole mess into the garbage, I decided to see what would happen if I microwaved a small batch of it. It worked! Just a few seconds changed it completely. I microwaved it in small batches, if done too long it was hard to work with and if not done enough it was too slippery. Now that I had a clay like substance, I covered the whole frame with the sawdust "clay" and set it in the sun to dry.

After he had set well, but before he was completely dry, I cut his mouth and eyes out of the sawdust dough with a knife, leaving the black pipe insulation showing beneath.

Wanting a true "ginger" monkey, I mixed up the rest of the powdered ginger with some laundry starch and water to make a paint, which I used to paint all but the face and belly of my monkey (Which retains its natural sawdust look). It took two coats to get the color right. He has a lovely ginger smell now too.

My dog, Toby, (known in game as "Sir Toby Belch") seemed very interested in him as I was taking photos, and wanted to be in on the pictures, so I have many fun pictures of the two playing together.
Ginger monkeys rule!
Sadly, the tumbles monkey took off of Toby were a little hard on him, and caused a few cracks, but those have since been repaired, and all is well.

Also, my best pictures were taken before I remembered the card with the name on it, so I include a couple here just for fun, but the official photos were retaken to include the required card.

Official entry shots.

View ingredient shot here
View finished product shot here
View "glamour" shot here
on the Viridian Ocean

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