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Posted by Guppyzr at Jul 20, 2008 7:02:01 AM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Ahoy mates, I am Guppyzra of the Hunter Ocean and my entry is for the, 'Write a Brigand King! Win a Familiar!' event. The link to which can be found here. I am writing a story about Barnabas the Pale in first person (as Barnabas the Pale) which has in it a few special, 'twists,' which you'll discover as I read. This piece of entertaining writing has 748 words.

My entry is below:

Fire burns. Some fires burn dull; some fires burn bright. None burn brighter than the fire of I, Barnabas the Pale. My wildfire spread across the oceans the day my Cythonic Hode rose to power, to hunt glory and riches alike. These days I vanquish my foes and walk from their burning wrecks of their ships with part of the failures heart. I take from them the exact spark which drives hope into their futile actions and I add it to my warm fierce glow. I am now successful but that hasn't always been the case...

It was the seventeenth day of the glorious month of June on the Hunter Ocean. I, Barnabas the Pale, looked across the sea, dotted with ripples from the specks of rain, towards the increasing power of the opposing fleet which just stared back like a likon lying in wait for its prey.Whilst I sttod at the helm of my ship my reasonable force glided across the ocean swifter than a bird carried by the wind. Just behind Iocane was the setting sun winking and wishing me luck. For the first time I was in control.

The first shot from the cold metal cannons raced through the moist summer air, the blockade had begun.

Commanding my fleet onwards I turned to my first mate, 'How are my chances?' I asked.

'You tell me,' she replied, 'You're meant to be one of the top five of the oceans.'

I nodded and watched the mesmerising army draw ever closer. They had at least fivefold the number of ships that I had; I had fivefold the experience.

'Make sure the cannons are loaded' I snapped. 'This island will be mine.'

Together my mass army pierced the front line and headed straight for the heart of the battle. Surely enough, we reached the centre of the chaos. My confidence was clear for all to see. I had no fear. Suddenly the whole ship quaked as a number of cannonballs smashed into the right side of the ship sending millions of oak splinters high into the air. I peered over the ships edge to assess the damage; we were going down.

'Keep sailing!' I thundered through all the confusion.

My first mate looked at me in disbelief,' Abandon ship!' she odered.

Mutiny amongst the crew was what I wanted least. I cursed her as she jumped over the ships edge. Her name was Byrnhild and we would meet again. Not even I know why but upon seeing my whole crew start plunging into the icy water below I was filled with determination. I knew that against all the odds I could achieve something on my own. I turned the ship towards the colossal frigate which held their Captain. Fear filled his heart as he realised what I was attempting. The most elite members of his crew gathered at the point where the two of us would impact but he sent them away. He wanted to take me on single-handed. I wanted to take him on that way as well. Unveiling a black backsword, I watched as he leapt across the gap between the two ships. Spectacular as it was, I was caught by surprise.

Somehow as he was in mid-air I was able to plunge by backsword deep into his chest, just narrowly missing his heart. I released the blade and watched him fall to the floor. When he finally stopped moving I knelt by his side. His eyes flickered over towards me, 'Sorry Azarbad,' I smiled slyly, 'You will never make it to the top!'

He took in a deep breath and then began laughing. The temptation to snap his neck was great but I resisted it. Eventually he spat out his dying words, 'We've been playing with fire Barnabas, now we're both going to burn.' His head fell back and he lay motionless, Azarbad was dead but my flag was defeated. How could I be so blind as to what was happening. We were both going down in flames.

I forced my eyes open and stared to the skies. In front of me was this huge army of ships and millions of skeletal creatures packed into each one. I struggled to my feet and caught sight of my hands, each delicate finger gloved in a tongue fire. I am a man of second chances. Barnabas had died. But Barnabas the Pale was born, I had riches. Now it was time for me to hunt for glory.
Guppyzra of the Imaginary Ocean.
Founder and Coordinator of Fight Circle

In the Name Of... ~carpe noctem

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