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Posted by Llamaluver at Jul 20, 2008 3:27:24 AM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Name: Llamagirl
Ocean: Hunter
Link to original event: U Giv Doll
Doll: Cronus!

Sickle is attached to Cronus shoulder with velcro and can be removed.

(for doll)
T-shirting fabric
Tin foil
Craft foam
2 pom poms
Polymer clay
Tiny piece of velcro

(for throne/chair thing)
Tea bag box
Muffin kit box
Chocolate box
Green paint

(things on throne)
Polymer clay
Polar fleece

Before clothing/hair
u can has fashul hare!
Bed time!
Cronus tells you, "u giv cooki?"
Domino thinks, "omw u tast so gud"
Throne/chair thing with namecard
Om-nom-nom-a-licious stuff on throne/chair thing
Sleeping animals on throne/chair thing
Sickle's little pearch on throne/chair thing (TOO MUCH LIGHT!)
Before tin-foil armour
Throne/chair before paint

Phew, that took ages :P

If possible, on the off chance that I somehow win, I would like a violet octopus , but I'd be fine with just about anything else, too :P

See, Cronus? I TOLD you I'd make you a dollie!

Llamagirl on Hunter
Beautiful avatar by Albini!

You told Cronus, "So, what kinda snacks you got?"
Cronus tells you, "Small children"
Cronus tells you, "Sometimes coated in chocolate."

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