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Posted by CapnKkatz at Jul 19, 2008 10:19:46 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Pirate name: Greylady
Ocean: Malachite
Event: PoE is for PoEts!

Ahoy pirates, or should I say, PoEts? Welcome to the "PoE is for PoEts!" contest. This is a contest wich will make ye expand yer poetry veins to the maximum (I hope). This be a contest, that ye can either write a love PoEm, a limerick PoEm, anything that goes in yer piratey head*!

On to the rules, shall we?

*All the PoEms must be related to pirates, bucaneers, piratey style etc.
*Ye may only post 2 PoEmS.
*All posts must be written in this thread.
*Ye cannot post 2 threads, 1 after another, ye may only write 1 PoEm at a time.
*This contest applies to all Oceans.
*Any doubts and/or questions will be answered by me, so don't be afraid, ask away.

My entry:

Title: Billions of Blue!

"Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles!"
said the Captain to the first mate.
"We're headin' fer stormy waters,
and death may be our fate!"

"Rocks be port and starboard!
Enemies at the aft!
And should we sink, I hate to say,
we haven't even a raft!"

"Aye, Captain" replied the first mate,
"Tis true our fate looks grim!
But thar's one thing yer fergettin'.
They don't have Bigjim!

"If ye can move in swiftly,
and grapple good 'n tight,
Whether Barbarians or Brigands,
We're sure to win the fight!"

"Sublime/Ultimate in Swordfight!
Weighty/Leg in Rumble too.
Not to mention Peglegpeteyboy,
And ye, and oh, me too!"

"Sure, we be outnumbered!
Their might ring red as rubies!
But they've never fought a better team
of 'Billions of Blue' crewbies!"

And so the Captain circled in
and took them by surprise,
and the mighty crew of "Billions of Blue"
Slaughtered the other guys.

The booty they did plunder,
PoE, Kracken's Blood and rum!
Then back to port they charted
To brag of battles won!
Greylady, Meridian & Emerald, Greyladyy on Cerulean

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