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Posted by Bladen at Jul 19, 2008 8:04:50 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Pirate name: Bladen
Ocean: Midnight
Name of original event: BYOF: Build Your Own Familiar!
Link to the original event thread:
Contest-specific information:

Duct Tape Monkey!

2 Coat Hangers
Duct tape
A small amount of black electrical tape

...and more duct tape (of course I didn't have two rolls the same colour in the house... that would have been too simple):

12-Step (sort of) Assembly Procedure:
Step 1: Bend coat hangers into a frame (in this case made to roughly scale the actual in-game monkey's proportions... roughly)
Step 2: Start rolling a ball of duct tape, and continue adding to it until it reaches the appropriate size for the head.
Step 3: Insert previously described 'head-ball' into the frame, and attach with... you guess it, duct tape (also making sure that the ears are covered).
Step 4: Cover the entire wire frame with duct tape, and continue adding duct tape to fill out the body.
Steps 5-10: Add more duct tape.
Step 11: Add light-coloured (in this case, white) duct tape for the base of the monkey's face, also covering the hands, feet, and the inner-ears.
Step 12: Cut two round pieces of electrical tape for the eyes, and stretch another piece of electrical tape (after rounding the corners) into a smile!

It now should look something like this:

I had originally hoped to make him brown (as per the brown duct tape seen in the first materials shot), but alas, I ran out before I got to the final layer... I'm sure there are many species' of grey monkeys out there...

Your monkey can now be posed and/or mounted onto a pirate's shoulder, as seen here (when mounting on shoulder, use the tail and legs to 'clamp' him onto your shoulder):

Note: Due to lack of a proper pirate hat, I went with my Triumph Motorcycles hat. This was mainly because that's what pirates would likely wear today... if they were wearing a duct-tape monkey on their shoulder.

...and had previously pillaged a Triumph Motorcycles hat from someone.

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