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Posted by BlackBeth at Jul 18, 2008 2:12:13 PM
Re: When Judges Go Wrong...
I was a "wonky judge" for someone during a writing contest. It is a personal pet peeve of mine to see misused homophones, mismatched tenses, commas used in place of semicolons (and vice versa), apostrophes scattered like birdshot, and misspellings that a spellcheck program would have picked up on. I graded very harshly against those things and pretty much booched up the score curve so much that the contest runner asked me if I was judging in favor of certain entrants. Oops. So, it's not always favoritism or bias for a particular person or entry that motivates a judge, heh. *grin*

Lol. In that case, I personally think maybe the other judges were the ones booching the curve, not you. Spelling and grammar errors are very jarring to the reader and detract horribly from even the best plot. Proofreading is a very basic part of writing, and it's reasonable to expect it. A few errors always slip through (picking them out of published novels is always fun) but I'd be horrified if I ever ran a writing contest and the winning entry was chocked full of obvious spelling/grammar/punctuation errors.

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