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Posted by Deborah at Jul 18, 2008 1:25:24 PM
Re: When Judges Go Wrong...
I typically try to have several 'backup judges' lined up just in case my original judges go out of town or something crazy like that. I also do any disqualifications before sending things on to the judges -- much easier that way.

Fey, in regards to using just one photo, that was specific to the Pumpkin Carving contest. The single "lit photo" was specifically stated in the rules to be the one that would be judged. In other contests I've run, such as the Woolly contest, I've let entrants submit multiple photos to be used in the final judging. I also created a special Googledoc where judges could go to get links to each (non-disqualified) entrant's work.

Excerpt from the Pumpkin Carving judging PM:
Several of our carvers used a similar pattern--they may have modified it slightly (adding text, for example, or using a mirror image of it)--and this will bring you added joy in your judging, I'm sure. Personally, I give more weight to 'homemade' patterns rather than storebought or commercial ones, but you are entitled to judge as ye see fit. This is a carving contest, after all, not a pattern-making contest.
The contest description states that "judging will be based upon the creativity and cleverness of design, the quality and detail of carving, and the overall effect of the lit pumpkin."
Please remember that it is the LIT photo that "counts", so to speak. If the unlit photo is amazingly detailed, yet none of the details were carved deeply enough to show up on the lit pumpkin, the details don't "count". If the photo of the lit pumpkin is blurry or fuzzed, unfortunately that's the entry photo you are judging, regardless of how awesome the unlit or progress photos look.

Here's an example of judging instructions I sent out for the Woolly contest (most recent, so easiest to find in my outbox). First, I copied the judging criteria and anything pertaining to rules that the contestants saw in the original post. Then I included these instructions:

Note that all of the entrants listed with links on the Googledoc passed the "Objective" criteria portion of the judging. You fine judges have the hard task of judging based on the Subjective criteria. The grey background on some of the links is to help keep the entries separated and does not denote anything special.
Entrants were allowed to submit multiple "finished" photographs, and I have included several links for some of the entrants. Some views show an excellent view overall, while other links showcase fine detail.
To Judge:
Please take your time and look at each entry, and all final entry links provided for each entrant. You will be scoring the entries based on the following breakdown:
20 points for creativity / originality of seascape design
20 points for fine detail and complexity / variety of stitching or gluing
20 points for overall appeal of the completed woolly (does it appeal to you, engage your imagination, is it something you would say, "Wow, that's nifty!" about?)
(note that each entrant listed with links on the g'doc page already received 40 points for the Objective criteria)
When you have completed your judging, please either reply to this pm, or send me a PM with the subject "Woolly Judging". Please list the entrants and the breakdown of their score. (example: Madmarymeade 15 / 15 / 4)

I was a "wonky judge" for someone during a writing contest. It is a personal pet peeve of mine to see misused homophones, mismatched tenses, commas used in place of semicolons (and vice versa), apostrophes scattered like birdshot, and misspellings that a spellcheck program would have picked up on. I graded very harshly against those things and pretty much booched up the score curve so much that the contest runner asked me if I was judging in favor of certain entrants. Oops. So, it's not always favoritism or bias for a particular person or entry that motivates a judge, heh. *grin*
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