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Posted by Aethera21 at Jul 18, 2008 11:53:54 AM
Re: When Judges Go Wrong...
Polly wrote: 
Edit to add: Of course, there is a final and perfect solution to bias for or against friends: Present the entries to judges in an anonymous fashion. This isn't possible for all contests, but for some you can accept entries by email, or at least ask your judges not to look at the entry thread and then compose a judging page for them. If it's images, make your own photobucket album. If it's writing, a simple website can hold all of the entries. This is a lot of extra work and isn't usually necessary, but it does solve that problem perfectly (as long as the judges don't talk to their friends about entries).

Back when PTG did the Author's Author Death Match, which I was a judge for, he created a website that allowed for anonymous judging, and it worked really well. I seem to remember him popping up again recently...maybe someone who knows something about websites should bug him for the code.
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