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Posted by Aethera21 at Jul 18, 2008 10:04:30 AM
Re: When Judges Go Wrong...
In cases like the extra judging criterion and the photos issue, I'd say that could be resolved by telling the judges up front that it's very, very important for them to ask you about those types of things early in the process, rather than assuming something they're going to do is ok. The guy who wanted to judge on color should have PMed you the first day and said "hey, can we add a color category? I think that's important" and leave it up to you instead of making a unilateral decision. Judges have to be expected to abide by whatever criteria the event runner sets out. If the judge is unable to accept any decision you make, you'd need to find yourself another judge.

Things like British vs. American spelling, I'd never have thought of. I guess I assume everyone knows the Brits spell a few words differently than Americans do, but of course that's probably not the case. I think in that instance, you would have to deal with it case-by-case, as you did event runner can't be expected to think of everything in advance. Of course, the next time spelling/grammar is a judging category, you'd probably include that note in your instructions...learn from experience, as it were :)

Finally, having a couple of extra judges means that if a judge is lazy about scoring, or scores things completely wrong, you can drop them without compromising the integrity of the scoring. Alternatively, you could have them re-do their scores if feasible. However I wouldn't have included the guy who scored everyone after 4 at an 80 in the tally of scores.
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