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Posted by BlackBeth at Jul 18, 2008 7:20:19 AM
Re: When Judges Go Wrong...
Basically, I think judging issues need to be considered on a case by case basis, exactly as you did. There's certainly no one solution that works in all cases.

For the case studies you mentioned, I agree completely with your solutions to all except maybe the last one, because I am not sure if I am understanding the situation correctly.

If the judging instructions stated that judging should be done based on the one final photo, only, and the judge did something else, then yes, I agree about not using those scores. My concern is more with the fact that for most "create an actual object" art events, it's very hard to show all the work and detail in one photo. The object is what's being judged, not the photography skills of the artist. So I tend to think it's reasonable for judges to be allowed to consider in-process photos, which can show creativity in materials and methods, and close-up and side/back view photos, which can together give a clearer picture of what the entry really looks like. So in many cases, I feel like instructing the judges to use only the final photo may not be in the best interests of the competition.

Here's another case study to consider, from one of my first events:
In a writing event, one of my judges gave the top score to an entry by one of her crewmates which I didn't personally feel was deserving of that score. (Nor had any other judge scored it highly.) But judging is always subjective, so it was just my personal opinion that the judge was biased; there was no judging instruction clearly broken. I was therefore reluctant to just throw out that judge's work. I was also reluctant to let it stand because due to the small number of judges, that questionable entry was highly placed based on that one score. In the end, the solution I adopted was to keep the judge's scores, but to hire 2 additional judges. I figured they would either validate the score I questioned, or dilute it. (Since then, I have never run a contest with less than 5 judges; lesson learned.)

Does anyone have a better solution to offer for that one?

Semi-retired Midnight Cerulean Event Addict

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