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Posted by Ascotte at Jul 17, 2008 11:25:00 PM
Re: When Judges Go Wrong...
--A judge, when told to judge the entire field of < 20 entries, judged their favorite 3 and then gave all the other contestants the same exact score (so the scoring went something like 98, 95, 91, 80, 80, 80, 80, 80...)

My idea would be to keep his top 3 aside if that fitted all other judging rules. It could then be used in case of doubt or in case of an equal score.

--A judge felt the product was outstanding, but the colors chosen were not optimal, and in addition to the judging criteria provided this judge also added coloring/choice of materials to the criteria.

Judging is always partly subjective. This just points that out very clearly. It would be best to ask to have a clear look at the other entries too and to judge only by the current rules. That he will include personal preferences when making up his mind is inevitable.

A judge counted against all entrants who used the British spelling of words like "colour" and "honour".

Correct spelling, but when you do have a writing contest where spelling would be really important you could leave out those who constantly tend to swap between american and british english (using both honor and honour at the same time). Though being too hard on this might not be ideal neither, since that would leave out most non-native english speakers.

--A judge based their scores for particular entries on some of the anti-cheating photos rather than the submitted Final Project photos.

same response as you did.

judging is subjective for a large part, so was my respons =p
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