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Posted by Deborah at Jul 17, 2008 10:12:20 PM
When Judges Go Wrong...
I'd like some advice for future events, based on some troubles I've run into in previous ones.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has run an event, only to have the judges do completely wild and wacky stuff...even after they were given explicit / specific instructions.

What have you done in those situations, mates?

Generalized examples:

--A judge, when told to judge the entire field of < 20 entries, judged their favorite 3 and then gave all the other contestants the same exact score (so the scoring went something like 98, 95, 91, 80, 80, 80, 80, 80...)

My response was to throw this judge's 'efforts' out entirely as it completely screwed up the tally to have people who barely satisfied the requirements receive the same score as people who'd obviously done a fantasic job yet weren't this person's "top 3".

--A judge felt the product was outstanding, but the colors chosen were not optimal, and in addition to the judging criteria provided this judge also added coloring/choice of materials to the criteria.

My response in this situation was to include this judge's efforts, even though it wasn't part of the criteria I'd provided. In my opinion it fell under the subjective points each judge could award.

--A judge counted against all entrants who used the British spelling of words like "colour" and "honour".

My response was to remind the judge that those were perfectly legitimate spellings for those words, and that unless the entrant had swapped back and forth between spellings in one entry, it was legitimate and valid and should not affect the score. (The judge agreed and was kind enough to rework their tally.)

--A judge based their scores for particular entries on some of the anti-cheating photos rather than the submitted Final Project photos.

Even though it made some of the detail stand out more, this was specifically against the judging criteria sent out, so I decided to eliminate this judge's responses as there was no way to tell which entries they'd used the Final Photo only on and which they'd used creation / anti-cheat photos on.


In these situations, how would you have handled these judges?

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