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Posted by Precious2g6 at Jul 17, 2008 5:16:02 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Pirate Name - Msprecious

Ocean- Viridian

Original event - The Case Of The Missiong Slippers

Link to event-

It was a bright shiny afternoon. Hypnos woke from his nap, stretched, and rubbed his eyes. "Time to get ready for work," he thought to himself with a sigh. Climbing out of bed, he put on his white puffy robe and reached for the pink bunny slippers.He always tucked them into their own little box with love but as he reached into the box his eyes flew open with fear. "NO!!" he screamed. The slippers were gone! A frantic search around the room revealed the slippers were nowhere to be found. His body was racked with sobs as he mourned the loss of his pink furry friends. "I must find them!" he cried. Taking a second look around the room Hypnos found that a very familiar scent lingered in the air. He tried to recall the day before but he couldn?t remember anything dealing with him leaving a shoe anywhere so it must have been stolen. The room smelled of Trinkeos and lavender with lead him to believe his house must have been invaded!!!! The search of the house turned up with nothing so he called up a friend and asked to borrow her elephant to search the island from his missing slippers.
He decided to start with the inn on Lima, everything and anything that goes missing or unwanted is sold there, but he had no luck, he didn?t want to announce in a inn full of pirates that he was missing pink fluffy slippers. He can only imagine what laughter that will bring about being the macho he portraits. After hours of waiting in the inn he decided to check Terras Clothing stores, one in particular that has a lot of clothing new and old was Isabelle Tiaras, but like the inn there was nothing and he didn?t want to make an announcement. As he went to exit he noticed the name Captainflood?.hmm he thought, he had remembered the day before he awarded a pirate by the name of Msprecious one of his amazing eggs and she was aboard Captainflood?s ship. With fury in his eyes he sent Ocean Master from all over looking for her, he couldn?t believe someone he was so nice to could?ve stolen his favorite slippers.
After hours of tracking Msprecious they waited till she was home alone to approach her, being the man Hypnos is he didn?t want to cause a scene around pirates that would love a fight for no reason. They entered her house with ease since it was open to anyone; there Hypnos found his pink fuzzy slippers next to this black robe with pink initials Hyp on it. Msprecious entered the room with a big smile and a big fancy all white cake and everyone shouted SURPRISE!!!! She had talked all the Ocean Masters into helping her take Hypnos slipper from his house without him knowing so she could get a robe to match. If Hypnos would?ve check Isabelle Tiaras a few hours earlier he would?ve saw her and Galene picking up the order. After breaking down in tears then finishing up with laughter all Hypnos could do is ask why? Msprecious simply stated?when one gives you such priceless gifts you do nothing other than return the favor, price doesn?t matter when it comes to something you love and will cherish forever. He was so touched but then he has to ask another question because it did worry him that they was able to get in his house, laughing Msprecious said that Aphrodite, her Gaea waited until he was sleep, Aphrodite quietly snuck in and at the moment he was about to wake she sprinkle a sleep love potion over him which put him into a type of sleep he wouldn?t want to wake up from; they then took the slippers and carried it straight to Captainflood so he could get to work on the order. Msprecious wanted to leave him wondering and puzzled so she left her clothes from her previous Atlantis trip under the bed, she thought he would see it not smell it, and sprayed Aphrodite perfume. It was cruel the way they did it but funny, but all ended well.
Hypnos was very touched, his robe was made out of the finest linen on Viridian, that day was the most precious day of his pirate life. What could?ve turned out to be a disaster turned into an evening of laughter, partying and some madness?..Hephaestus manage to get into the Moon shine
It's A girl..... if not refunding all this stuff will be hard 0.0

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