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Posted by soccerbabe88 at Jul 16, 2008 9:07:18 AM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)

Pirate name: Scaarlett
Ocean: Hunter
Name of original event: U Giv Doll - Part 2!
Link to the original event thread: U Giv Doll - Part 2 Linkie!

I created my own doll of Aphrodite. The reason I picked Aphrodite is because she's my favorite OM. She's very kind and she?s awesome! I hope you all like my doll, diffidently you Aphrodite =D!

I based my Aphrodite Doll on Aphrodite's features in her Malachite Portrait on Malachite Ocean! Aphrodite's Malachite Portrait

Pics of my Aphrodite Doll

My Supplies!

Forming Aphrodite's Body

Sewing Aphrodite Together

Sewing Aphrodite's Hair All Together

Aphrodite's Hand Stitched Face

A Closer Look At Aphrodite's Hand Stitched Face

Upper Half Of Aphrodite's Dress

Lower Half Of Aphrodite's Dress

A Closer Look At Aphrodite's Dress

My Doll Aphrodite!

I hope everyone enjoyed my doll! I had such a terrific time working on her! This was the first time I've ever made a doll. I had a great experience! Thank you!

Prize Choices
Purple Octo
Aphrodite Doll

Scaarlett on Hunter Ocean
*Happy Pirate of Hunter Ocean*

Scaar to the lett!

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