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Posted by BeHeader89 at Jul 15, 2008 6:04:08 PM
Re: Theme-plotting assistance
Sorry about that. I would agree with Teuts, I and most pirates I think would like to make a ship or an Atlantean Citadel or Monster. Both of these themes have many different original themes. There are many types of ships, which could give the pirate entering the choice of multiple ships. As we all know, Atlantis is a quite a fun experience. Most pirates love Atlantis, or the monsters anyway :) Once again there is different types of things in Atlantis. Citadels, Archelons, Gorgs, Triks. It would also be fun for a person to make the details on an Atlantean Monster. Most people just make an Atlantean Monster and would name it Gorgonyx or Triketos. For the people who look into detail, they could put the details of a Heavy Gorgonyx, Light Gorgonyx, or a Scout Gorgonyx. Many things to choose of two simple themes.

As for things to use in the contest. I guess anything could be allowed as long as it pertains to sculpting. Such as paper mache, stone, clay, dirt, etc. If the person has access to this it would be easier for them to enter, limiting it to only a few kinds of sculpting material could be hard for some people. I don't know where find a slab of stone to sculpt :P
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