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Posted by Gary789 at Jul 14, 2008 3:05:53 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Name: Verbocity,
Ocean: Hunter,
Original Thread Name: Bah! Lovebug!
Thread Link:Linky Linky
Word count: 403.. Word count tool used

Red Octo! Red Octo! <33

It was valentines day. Oh how I despised Valentines day! The day on which people expressed their love in many ways. That day never came for me. I waited and waited by the side of the river. Accompanied by a rainbow of colours from roses, bluebells, daffodills, You name it. The river rushed by, not stopping for a break, not once.

I sighed casually and got up and made me way home. As I was walking, I caught sight of an angel!

Her long, shiny blonde hair reflected the sunlight back into the air. It was pulled back neatly into a ponytail. Hey eyes sparkled like the stars of the night. Twinkling with joy. The deep oceanic blue colour of her eyes was spellbounding. Her rosy red cheeks were the colour of a rose in Mid summer, in its prime. Her lips were lightly shaded with a pink colour and had a scent of strawberries. Mmm.

I Ran over to meet her, but alas, She stepped onto a carrige and was dragged off by a pair of horses. I felt as though my heart had followed. It was gone. My heart had been ripped out of my chest. I felt horrible.

When I returned to my humble abode, I was accompanied by thoughts of this 'angel'. Dreams or nightmares, Taunting me, teasing me.

The next day my mind was set. I would follow this girl, even if I had to cross mountains or seas. I would find her and claim her. So, with that in mind, I set off on my long journey.

I travelled through citys and towns untill I met her. There she was standing before me. Just like she did at first. She smiled at me and revealed her pearl white teeth.

Immediately, without thinking, I got down onto one knee. And said,
"I may not know your name nor who you are but it is love at first sight. And with that being said, Will you Marry me and be my wife?"

At first, the woman looked at him then grinned and whispered into my ear: " Ofcourse, my dear." And kissed me on the cheek.
We were so excited, we got married that night, under the stars, with their blessing.

At that moment in time, my life blossomed into something wonderful and anew. I felt a warm glow inside of me.It was love, and nothing could ever change that ;)

God, That was so touching. I can't believe I wrote that! ;_;
Havnt checked for spelling errors.

Top Prize = Red Octopus....

Contact me by pm if I win? :D
Good luck all ;) And great event! :D Had fun writing this.

This Acc was hacked... I think it was also banned :S
Dont no how to quote it from here onto the event thread. Sorry. :S

And for some reason my acc is gary678 but on forums its gary789 for some reason.
So.. If this acc wins anything, can the prize be given to Verbosity instead.
Sorry for putting this on the entry thread instead of the event. Can I get instructions in PM? :D Thanks.
Attract on Hunter.

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