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Posted by jlybelly at Jul 11, 2008 6:10:12 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Pirate Name: Captinfashin
Ocean: Hunter
Event: Bah Lovebug
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Prize: RED OCTOPUS (Yay! A Fami!)


Money CAN Buy Love

Captinfashin, or Fashin, as her friends called her, sat staring out at Aimuari on her sloop. It was late-February and everyone was getting together. They would meet on the docks and head into the inn. Captinfashin hated Valentine's Day. She was too busy with her near-constant pillaging to meet anyone. Sure, she might meet someone on her ship, but what was the point? She was just going to head back out to sea again. Her only love was for the charts that got her places, and the pieces of eight, oh, how she loved the pieces of eight. 'That's IT!' she thought to herself. She nearly jumped overboard to get back to the docks. She looked around carefully, she needed someone who looked like they had a big pocket with a lot of money in it. Finally, she found one. She ran up to him and said, "Excuse me, sir," as she batted her eyelashes. "Are you... single?"
"Why, yes, yes I am, are you?" he asked, snatching up her hand.
"I sure am." she said, trying to sneak into his pocket to grab a Doubloon or two. They walked in to the inn hand-in-hand.
"So, tell me about yerself." He said, grabbing a hunk of bread and splitting it in two.
"Well, I am a Senior Officer in a growing crew, I'm a Princess in an equally growing flag, and I have my own ship, but I"m afraid that's all I have." She acted very sad at this last phrase, but found a way to grow a smile, "But enough about me. How about ye?"
"I'm a Captain of a fairly large crew, Prince in a growing flag, I have a Grand Frigate, and a Merchant Brig I use for foraging. That's not to mention my many housings: I have a Mansion, a cottage here and there, my Summer Estate-"
"Oh!" Fashin said enthusiastically, "an ESTATE! I DO love estates, ye know." She kept leafing through his pockets, searching for another deed. She had already taking 26 doubloons, the deed to his Cottage on Aimuari, and 4,938 pieces of eight, but now she was going for the jackpot, an Estate would be a heavenly place for her. "Where did ye say yer Estate was?" Each Arch printed the seal on their deeds differently, she needed to know which arch it was in so she could find it.
He closed his eyes in thought, as if going through an imaginary file-cab-- I mean, an imaginary treasure chest of deeds. "Ah, yes, it's on Sayer's Rock."
"Oh, in the Ursa Arch? I've never been, perhaps ye could show me sometime?" She finally felt it and, though her adrenaline was pumping insanely, she found it in herself not to throw it up in the air, catch it, and run through the Inn like a mad woman. She carefully placed it in a pocket she had sewn to her rags. "Oh, my," she said, looking out a window, "how time does fly. I suppose I must be going."
"Oh? So soon?" her friend said, getting up after her.
"Aye," she said, as she rushed back to her sloop. She left to the estate as quick as can be. 'Twasn't long before the guilt came on, there were many portraits upon the walls of the Estate. Beautiful portraits of her friend and a beautiful lady, and finally one of her friend in all black. Fashin left the estate in tears and tried to swim back to Aimuari. She never found her friend, so she vowed to make sure that no one was ever taken advantage of in love.
Main Character:

Captinfashin of Hunter Ocean, Captain of Fashinably Slayed, Lady of Skellie Slayers

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