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Posted by msanthrowpe at Jul 10, 2008 4:24:00 PM
Re: Shirtless Rumble! Starring Kingpriam, Stuy, and Dewdlebug!
And dude... give me like 2-3 more weeks, maybe I'll get as skinny as Springy <3333

Ok, Dex, let's keep in mind that there are anorexics in the world envious of the springheel thinness.

Edit: Oh yeah, should I lose the towel next time?

Uhhh, yeah! What the hell kind of question is that?!

Kp, dis wuz da wai secksay kkthx

Death, but no sins.
Rumbullion tells ye, "ok sails I need to log, but remember, the liver is evil... it must be punished!"

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