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Posted by Ezy_Kook at Jul 10, 2008 4:22:27 PM
Re: YPP's Greatest Hits! - Entry Thread (Deadline July 20th)
Name: Kidagakash
(my other pirate is actually called Odette)

Ocean: Sage

Original contest:
A Tale of Two Pirates- A Love Story Writing Compatition!


my entry....

The Chance.

The men marched, with every step more of Odette’s body shook with dread.. it was bad news, something had happened, she could feel it. 'not today!! just give me some more time.. please god no' she thought as the tears began to sting her eyes.

Odette woke with a shudder, it was the third time this week she had had that dream. She had fallen asleep over her work desk again causing her back to ache and some ink to print letters across her cheek. The depressing sound of the footsteps still echoed in the back of her head.
She had to sort this out, not now though.. its too late in the day already and there’s always work to be done.

She had met him in the inn, one week ago tomorrow.

They first bumped into each other in a tournament, it was a simple meeting, nothing out of the ordinary.

Later they ran across each other again at a poker table.
Odette says “you”
“not stalking me are you?”
Scenester said “ahah, no.. you‘re everywhere! …. But that’s not a bad thing”

She blushed and let the night continue in the same sense.
They played poker for hours and joked about stupid mistakes and bad cards, never really worrying about the money swapped between them.. This game was just for fun, just so they could spend time together. His rough dark hair was always the type and his jokes actually made her laugh. They simply clicked.

All night they had talked, not caring about the time. And they had arranged to meet again the next day
“lets say 1pm??”… his words rang through her head.

Everything had been perfect.. Until the next afternoon.

Odette woke with a shudder, it was the fourth time this week she had had that dream. She spent every day running it through her head, he didn’t show up. Why didn’t he show up.
Its been a week and he hadn’t shown up.

Odette was never good at keeping up with time, but this had put her in her place. She had heard from her crew member that he had been in a sea monster hunt and left to go to the shop and never returned.
She couldn’t help but worry. When they had talked she had found out he lived in Kensington, London.. And she was only up the road…
If she knew where he lived she could find out if he was ok. But that would be weird! She hates how men can play mind games with her. She should just shut it out.. Shut it ALL out!

3pm and she found herself in Kensington gardens, sat drinking a Starbucks, and a boy with a cast around his leg comes over and asks if she had dropped her book just down the street. It was her favourite… Wilfred Owen, an original collection of poetry. She blushed and accepted it.
Something couldn’t stop her from asking… but she had to! “err.. What happened to your leg?”
The boy looked down… “oh this, I was hit by a car last week, just got out of hospital this morning”
She can’t remember how, but this led into a full conversation in which she found out the boy liked her book too and she had the same music taste as him. They swapped phone numbers in the end.. And that was that.

Sat alone at her computer on Valentines evening, now that is just sad… She logged onto her game and there, waiting in her hearties list is him. She chose not to speak to him at first, She wasn’t sure whether to be angry or not. Yes she was angry at him… but she had been so worried too.

“heyy, Odette? I’m sorry I wasn’t here to meet up, I had abit of a crisis at home. I’m really sorry.”
The message came up..
And she couldn’t help but grin, she knew it had to be important and he hadn’t just left her.

“are you ok? What happened?” she replied.
Waiting impatiently for a reply…

“well I went out to the shop and got hit by this stupid driver who didn’t see me crossing”

Odette stared at the reply, and typed faster than she ever had before..
“are you ok? Omg I knew something was wrong. And amazingly… you aren’t the first person to tell me they’ve been hit by a car today!”

“really? that’s funny. Who else has been hit by a car? Not family I hope..”

“oh no.. just this boy I met in the park today, his leg was pretty bad but I’m sure he will heal”

Odette waited for the reply… which didn’t come.
2 minutes passes… then she felt a buzzing in her pocket.

She opened up her phone to see a text from Kyle.
“heyy. Weird thing to say…
but I think you know already.”

She had a small thought that it could have been him… but no, that would be stupid!

She simply typed..
“err… probably not..”

Her computer reply came, she was finding it so hard to keep up with all this… she looked at the screen to see Scenester’s reply…
“is your name Erin in real life??”

How did he know that?
It must be him!


Her phone rang. Kyle… a boys voice came over the line..

“heyy Erin, its me. Scenester. Do you want to go out tonight? It is valentines day!”

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