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Posted by Megami1 at Jun 10, 2008 3:15:37 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Found the bug and squashed it. It had to do with the fact the colors weren't in the same order on the recipe table as they were on the comms table. It was pulling the wrong cloth's costs. I rearranged the order of the cloth on the recipe table and it's fixed the problem.

Hi Megami, love the tool it's wonderful. :)

I believe I've found another bug, on the tailoring tab. Same issue, or simillar I think. I just pulled up a random item, Striped shirt, in yellow and lime. The numbers were well off for 'cost' and was messing up profit, rack price suggestions, etc.

What I found was that yellow is pulling the cost for Violet cloth. Lime was pulling the cost for orange. Red seems to be ok, and I was using that as a constant to find out what was pulling from where. Not sure of the other colors, but those two anyways seem to be pulling values from colors 4 lines down (two colors down).


Found your problem on the tailor sheet. An oversight on my part really when I reordered the cloth colors so that black and white were above grey on the comm list. It's an easy fix too. I've already fixed it for the next release but for those of you that need to fix it now I'll give ye the fix:

On the tailor sheet, unhide column X it's between the comods and the pricing section. you will see a list of colors beside all the cloths.
Red Red, tan tan and so on down the line. This is what the cost column uses to look up which color it needs to pull the price for. As you can see I neglected to fix the white and black to it's proper place in this column. just organize that column to match the proper cloth color to the left of it. That will fix your problem. Sorry about that. And it's fixed already so the next release will have this bug already squashed for you.
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