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Posted by Gagne12 at May 30, 2008 7:47:16 PM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews

Hoy Matey's! I'm Gagne on Malachite, Viridian, and Hunter. I have alot of expierence with this game, been prince in a number of flags, but felt it's time to be Monarch of one :)

The Flag - Time Bandit

The Name Origianted from the show Deadliest Catch (as well my crew is called Deadliest Catch, and a few crew's like Crab Kings and Dead or Alive are named after it as well)

Our Goal - To have a fun flag, with plenty of flag event's going on to get the people in our flag to meet each other and build loyalty. We have great alliances for when it comes to blockading. We want to be active in blockading, helping our allies, and one day possibly owning our own Island.

Contact - Gagne, Squattie, or Snatch if you would be interested in joining us :)

We currently have 270 flag member's but would love to add to that, as well we will have a few royalty spots opened, to those loyal people who are determined to help the flag become a success

Thanks matey's
Former Monarch of Time Bandit (Malachite)
Former Royalty of Wiked Peace (Hunter)
FO of Midnight Aurora (Viridian)

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