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Posted by TarnumTheRed at May 28, 2008 5:12:42 PM
Re: Poker Under a Microscope: Why it will NOT kill Malachite
Poker is a redistribution game. This is established.
No poe is created, it just changes hands.

What about the people who buy dubloons with real money, for the sole purpose of using it in poker?
Poker IS an indirect PoE fountain..

Purchasing Doubloons and then selling them on the exchange is not a PoE fountain. A PoE fountain is something that introduces PoE into the ocean that was not there before. This includes pillaging, Atlantis, Flotillas, selling fruit to ringer markets, and OM created tournaments. The lines you quoted by McGarvery are absolutely correct since the person selling doubloons is getting PoE from other players, not some magical source.

Darvid wrote: 
I guess it's just fun to poke the retarded bunny.
Muroni wrote: 
Who isn't sure that leif will let me enter him, but I'm willing to try.

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