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Posted by Shirato at May 27, 2008 9:05:41 PM
Re: Poker Under a Microscope: Why it will NOT kill Malachite
Then you'd probably be absolutely boggled to know that once upon a time, people - hundreds of them - jobbed for no pay at all, but strictly out of flag loyalty.

Wait. What now? They did that?

Silly people and their loyalty.

Anywho. Poker doesn't "ruin" the game. It just puts it into a state of dormancy for everyone else. I really do miss the time where all people did to waste hours was to pillage and puzzle. Now it's hard to fill larger vessels without spending a good amount of time to get good jobbers. Filling a ship on Malachite when most of the population is offline is a feeble attempt. Furthermore, many people load up doubloons to "move" to the new ocean, sell previously mentioned doubloons and starts playing poker. Oblivious to the infrastructure around them that needs to be established. At the start of an ocean, poker should be disabled, much like other aspects of the game. Blockading, trophies and so on.

Now Malachite just needs greenies so we can get this ocean started for real. Yes to higher doubloon prices!
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