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Posted by lanndser at May 27, 2008 4:31:23 PM
Re: Crews Seeking Flags
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The crew Angry Young and Poor is shopping around for a flag that suits us. We currently have 93 members and are working on 100. What we aim for is a medium sized flag not in a major alliance ring looking to grow. It needs to be a flag that plans to blockade, and could use my crew and I's help. I'm looking for an elite monarch/royalty that dosen't throw around promotions, with a decent amount of money. I'm also seeking a mature flag, fun loving flag that runs events, is tight knit, and uses Vent and flag forums, etc etc.

Alternatly, if any captain not happy in their current flag, and who is looking for the same things I am, wants to break off and start our own flag, I'd be thrilled with that.

Disclaimer: I may reject anyone if they don't seem my "Style".

Edit: PM me or send me a tell ingame.
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