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Posted by kenjennings at May 27, 2008 12:46:57 PM
Re: Poker Under a Microscope: Why it will NOT kill Malachite
This thread is wrong, sorry. I don't even know what the point of it is. It's not about rich poker tarts becoming rich monarchs. It's about rich monarchs becoming rich poker tarts.

Besides, you need more luck to play Russian Roulette 2-20 poe poker than later on where people play relatively more sensibly and you have relatively less praying that you don't get boned by a rag hand. Skill is irrelevant at the lowest tables when you have said Russian Roulette rather than real poker going on, or as real as Y!PP can make it.

Lastly, 200k poker isn't that small of a percentage of the poker table. At any given time, you'll see around 2 8-10 person tables of each type with smaller negligible tables of each time on the side. It may not be a perfect threeway slice (and certainly isn't at the present on Malachite), 200k poker occupies ~25-30% of the player base that is playing poker at any given peak hour time (which is almost all the time on Dub oceans).
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