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Posted by Grinfish at May 27, 2008 4:12:48 AM
Re: Poker Under a Microscope: Why it will NOT kill Malachite

See, that'd be a great idea... except for the fact that a lot of people don't have the time to get Solid in every puzzle. It's a lot of time, really. A lot of patience, a lot of work (Because srsly, expecting people to get Solid Distilling is nonsense >.>). Plus, sometimes people don't like one puzzle, or another, and they shouldn't be forced to play aspects of the game that they DON'T like, just to be able to play the parts they DO like.

Not fair at all.

I love it when my tongue-in-cheek suggestions get a bite XD

However we look at it, Poker (and likelt Hearts and Spades) is anachronistic, utterly out of theme, and has no valid contribution to piratey pursuits. It doesn't belong, yet currently it's one of the more accessible things to do relative to the games actually NEEDED to be played to maintain the Pirate game (twice as many free days as Labour puzzles).

Still, it's good for business, shame it detracts so much from the core values of Learn - improve - effort - PROFIT. I just hope Cleaver doesn't take all the investment capital and go all-in on 10-3 unsuited, as that's the example it sets >.<
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StuManchu puts the "sensual" back in "Nonconsensual"

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