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Posted by dongerf at May 8, 2008 5:53:49 PM
Re: The Shop Tool
you asked to give ye our input as to what we would like to see this tool do. I would like a column that stores our buy price off of the commodities exchange as sometimes our buy price and production price are different. Such is the case for tan paint. This costs me 30+ per unit to make but I can buy it for 8 poes. Since it sells for only 9 poes on the offers to sell I will not make this product but only buy it and resell it. So we need colums to keep track of this type of income as well. In my own spreadsheet I have a purchased profit and a produced profit as well as a place to store my buy price. But yer spreadsheet covers all the stalls and mine does not so I would like to use yers and not have to use 3 different sheets.
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