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Posted by Khelben at Jul 27, 2004 5:45:45 PM
Re: The Mysteries of Midnight. This week: Skeletons
There is a legend among the swabbies of the midnight ocean that back in the golden days of the now lost Azure Sea there once was a crew that had the grandest grand frigate. It was so huge that its deck could support a fourth mast. On it was enough guns of gigantic size and number that four full volleys was enough to sink any ship. The crew of this ship had terrorized the ocean preying on any ship smaller then they were.

Then one day the flag leaders of that time had gotten fed up with the grand crew pillaging their meager trade. A bloody battle ensued and the flag leaders had declared all out war on that ship. But it was to no avail the grand crew tore though the biggest flags at that time like they were butter. It had seemed there had been no way to stop them. Then a wise flag leader whose name was lost to history though some claim he was actually a god himself, came up with the ideal to lure that crew into a trap.

The trap was an barren isle hidden far off in a dangerous reefs shoal so far way from the normal shipping lanes that few ever ventured to it. The Flag leader with the help of the other flags made six identical treasure chests which were scattered far and wide across the ocean. Each chest was filled with riches and booty of the most powerful flag lords and also they had in them the instructions to the other chests and part of a map to a greater hoard that was suppose to buried on a far off isle.

The grand Crew fell for it hook line and sinker. They had collected all six parts of the map and in their greed left the ship unwatched. It was right at that moment the flag leaders had struck. The grand ship was scuttled to the bottom of the waters its great white sails burnt. The wise flag leader then collected every copy of the map to the isle where this grand crew were marooned and destroyed each copy he could retrieve thus sealing that crew to a long and painful death.

The isle was renamed and then written out of the history books. the Ile de Morte. Never to be seen by living beings again.

An age had come and gone and come again then the sightings began. Reports from far off shipping lanes had given rise of stories of a great black sailed ship of immense size terrorizing the larger crews on the water. Great storms had always proceeded its arrival and wreckage left in its wake. The attacks of the grand ship became almost predictable in that it always went after the aggressor when a lesser ship was attacked.

Along with the rumors of this blackened ship came tales of dead men gathering around six empty chests out on scattered isles. As time went on it had become common place for the dead men of the chests to be seen and many never made the connection to the old sea story of the grand ship's crew. Somewhere along the line someone stole the remains of the treasure that the hapless lost souls were gathering in the chests to free themselves of their curse. This led to the walking dead dispersing and randomly looking for their lost treasure. The black cloud of magic that surrounds their ship coats the ilse when they pull in. Though no one ever sees the ship in the harbor.

Scutlebutt has it that the rumored Ilse of adventure is none other then the ile de morte which the grand crew was abandoned on. Some of the rumors were that the path to the lost ile was getting close to being found by adventious souls who were working to learn the back water routes near the isles. If this be the case then it proves the decendents of the flag leaders are still trying to hide the ilse from the public, for now they have destroyed all the remaining maps that could inavertly open a path to this dreaded isle.
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