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Posted by Pokeytax at Jul 26, 2004 10:41:29 PM
Re: The Mysteries of Midnight. This week: Skeletons
Hempline's erudition and research shine through again. If those researching the peghearted Magog take half as much care, we have nothing to fear from lime-drizzled spooks.

Although, I must quibble with your insinuation that all skellies are monstrous - the few I've met have been polite enough chaps, if a little gaunt and daunting at first. And in fact, when victorious they seize but a pittance, a few coins and a trinket, while ravenous brutes that we are we take everything they've got. And any friend of the Dread Pirate Roberts is a friend of mine. I just wonder where the colors come from.
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