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Posted by LongJohnGrey at Jul 26, 2004 1:29:22 PM
Re: The Mysteries of Midnight. This week: Skeletons
cmdrzoom wrote: 
I tell ye: the damned crew of El Pollo Diablo were once truly notorious pirates who would attack any ship that crossed their path, no matter how unfair the match was. ... Some say they are cursed forever; others say that each ship rescued is a mark against their tally in a very long and bloody ledger. Which is true, I cannot say.

I hear that the truth be that they be stuck to sail that ship of black til someone does send them to the watery grave they seek as release.
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).

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