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Posted by cmdrzoom at Jul 26, 2004 12:20:22 PM
Re: The Mysteries of Midnight. This week: Skeletons
I tell ye: the damned crew of El Pollo Diablo were once truly notorious pirates who would attack any ship that crossed their path, no matter how unfair the match was. Many were the sloops and cutters crushed beneath their keel or blown to flinders, and whole crews slaughtered with no quarter given, until the OceanMasters decided this was beyond the pale even for pirates.

So they cursed the grand frigate and all who sailed aboard her... cursed them to wander the ocean, never knowing land nor rest, defending the truly helpless from those who would prey upon them (as they themselves once did). Some say they are cursed forever; others say that each ship rescued is a mark against their tally in a very long and bloody ledger. Which is true, I cannot say.
Starhawk of Mad Mutineers, Azure
Catalina of Twilight's Sabre, Cobalt

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