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Posted by Hempline at Jul 26, 2004 11:31:25 AM
Re: The Mysteries of Midnight. This week: Skeletons

I will talk of the dreaded monstrosities now. The skeletons are monsters of the Midnight Ocean, forever hungry for treasure and blood. These are the undead constantly seeking retribution, and they thirst for vengeance on all of pirate-kind. Considering their lethal skills with a sword, they often get vengeance. Little was known of these fiends, but I shall attempt to shed some light upon these shadowy beings now.

Having fought these creatures before, I can attest to how amazing their skills are in the ways of dueling. I?ve fought both the past and present skeletons, and I shall be quick to say they dispatch me as quickly now as they have before. I?ll admit; I?m an explorer before a sword fighter. But considering this, it?s quite odd that an undead creature such as these should retain such subtle knowledge as is needed to be such an ultimate sword fighter. I?ve heard tale of zombies, another undead creature, that is the shell of who they once were; shambling, slow and unintelligent. Skeletons are not so. They speak to those daring to duel them in remarkably intelligent voices, though they are slightly disturbing? their voices remind me of someone talking in a deep cave very softly, but you can hear the haunting echoes as easily as if the speaker were standing right next to you. I?ll speak of this intelligence more in a few moments.

In olden-times, skeletons were held on certain islands, as if they were either trapped there by magic or command. The likes of Oestrum and Flow had many-a bony footprint in their day, and always a broken treasure chest that held their stolen earnings. I have reason to believe these old skeletons are different from those nowadays. These are the ancient pirates that, out of pure will or powerful emotion, have risen from their graves to return to life. Those willful creatures, however, eventually lose all thought of whom they once were and simply devolved into the crafty yet single-minded, greedy creatures we saw. Their only want; to increase their treasure horde. This is why I think they remained on these islands only. Too covetous of their treasure, they remained on their cache-islands, where they hide their riches. They were not unable to leave, but they simply were too greedy to do so. The only time the monsters left these isles were when a heroic bunch of pirates defeated them and took their precious treasure, relocating to another of their hideouts and thieving a whole new treasure trove.

The older skeletons, however, are now better hidden. The new generation has arisen? The Cursed. There are powerful users of magic and voodoo in these islands, and not all of them, I?m afraid to say, are friendly. There are those that use powerful dark magics for their own purposes, thieving pirates of their free will and cursing those that stand in their way. These dastardly fiends have created The Cursed. Placing dark enchantments on simple swabbies and helpful folk turn these once-kindhearted souls into the twisted monsters we see traveling the ocean now. Their curse now hangs heavy upon an island where they are located, darkening the very sun from the moment of their arrival to the instant they depart. ( )At first, I thought these dark agents were meant to simply steal prizes from those unlucky enough to happen upon them, but I began to wonder why then they wouldn?t attack boarder communities of pirates. Such pickings must be slim out in Luthien or Cranberry (where I have found and studied them). But it was there I realized that both of these islands had older civilizations upon them at one time. Buildings still stand, in fact. What if they were searching for something more than simple gold or swords, but a different type of treasure? Items of power, perhaps? Or something not dissimilar to the legendary golden scarab that lay in the Alpha Palace curio room? I cannot say, and this is simply a possibility. If any might provide facts one way or another, not only I would be grateful, but no doubt the rest of Midnight would also.

And finally, there comes the haunted grand frigate itself: El Pollo Diablo. This tattered undead menace holds one hundred of the most treacherous and powerful skeletons in the ocean. Seeming to be a vengeful crew of amazing skill and undead also, this deadly combination makes it the toughest opponent a crew will find in the ocean to date. It?s haunted hull drifts straight through high sandbars and massive rocks, it?s terrible tattered black sails make the massive form move as fast as the wind itself, and it?s cursed crew ready and quite able to dismember any crew it sees fit. In an ironic turn of events, however, this undead hunter attacks only those unethical pirates that attack ships far beneath them power-wise. For every time a beleaguered sloop is attacked by a bloodthirsty bunch on a war brig, this spectral ship will take its vengeance. Unfortunately, I do not know what the history is behind this doomed crew, but I am looking into it.

As a finishing note, I would suggest only those pirates that have immense courage and great skill to go against such a foe. The reward is great, but payment for failure is painful.
Forever a Nameless Corsair
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