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Posted by Megami1 at Apr 25, 2008 10:40:47 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
I've finished the preliminary update to the shop tool that includes all new colors and items in the game and I'm ready to begin open beta testing on the tool to check for errors before I host it for general release.

I've added a couple of new features to the tool like a premade pricing and tracking section for the furnisher, a VIP pricing section for the weavery (in the event you have special deals with a tailor or furnisher that you supply cloth for at a special rate). The weavery also now has a column for you to add cloth that managers have placed on order for inventory and adds that to your net worth.

The furnisher in this beta release does not at this time support the premium dub delivery fee for purple and black cloth. There are some inconsistencies in how it's charged and that's making it rather difficult for me to come up with a formula to compensate. For example the sofa and the fancy bed don't charge extra for purple and black cloth but other things do. I'll be working on a fix for that, in the mean time just remember to add addition dub value to premades that take purple or black cloth. Purple is one additional dub and Black is two dubs. Remember that you have add the additional fee for each primary and secondary color. So a purple/purple Armor with spear would be 2 dubs extra (1 for the primary purple and 1 for the secondary)

Another major feature added on this version will be a version update search function. Excel should notify you when the tool is opened if a new version is ready for download. This should help you keep up to date with the latest version as they are released.

Other changes included some subtle reformatting for more consistency across the different shop sheets. Adding downgrades to the Real Estate agent. Changing how the buy prices are linked across pages (All shop sheets buy prices now pull from the Commodities page and the Commodities page pulls the buy prices for made items from the shop sheets costs). This change makes it easier for users that have stalls on one island but not all stall types. As always you can overwrite the buy prices on individual sheets if you wish, this is just the default. The rack pricer for the tailor should be updated and working properly.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy for beta testing, please PM me with your email address and I'll send a copy. Please be advised that this tool is in the testing phase and I will need only those that are willing to test it for accuracy to send PMs at this time. A full release is expected to be posted on the wiki for general download in a few days after extensive testing is completed.

Thanks to Belgarion first and foremost for helping me with a few technical issues regarding this update. Also I would like to thank a few pirates from Hunter who were gracious and trusting enough to make me a manager at their stalls/shoppes so that I could work on this project. Eowyn, Navarra and Dalnoth...thanks guys.
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