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Posted by Megami1 at Apr 22, 2008 8:05:44 AM
Re: The Shop Tool
Ok I've talked to Biliter and Belgarion now regarding updating the tool. Having both of their blessings, I've proceeded with my update.

I have been able to successfully add the new items and colors to all the sheets so far except the Tailor. That's my project for today.

Once I'm done with that, I will need some folks to volunteer to help me test it and make sure there are no errors. Hopefully we won't find any.

I'd like to get this thing tested and posted on the Wiki for download before the weekend.

I already have some ideas for what i want to do for the next version like rearranging the cloth colors and the color drop down menus to match the order they are found in the game. I won't be able to get that done before this release as I'm more concerned with getting the new content added and released first.

I also want to add a feature that polls the hosting site for new versions when the tool is opened so that users are alerted when a new version is available. I cannot yet figure out how to make excel support this so if someone knows how to make that happen, please contact me. I'd like to get that added into this release.

I also wanted to say thank you to Eowyn and Navarra for graciously letting me use their apoth and furnisher respectively for this project.
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