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Posted by Megami1 at Apr 18, 2008 3:18:09 PM
Re: The Shop Tool
So, after sending a PM to Biliter regarding the updated version of the shop tool and not getting a response and after reading through this thread and seeing he's having a bit of trouble getting the update ready for distribution....I've started working on an updated version myself.

So far I have the Weavery page updated with the new colors. Working on the Shipyard page now for the new ships. Next I'll try tackling the tailor and furnisher beasts for all the new items there.

In addition I have added a VIP Pricing section to the weavery page because I actually supply a particular Tailor Shoppe. This let's me track that tailor's prices separately from my normal dockside sales prices and even let's me keep track of the profit margin %s.

The tax tables are updated with the correct manual values.

I know everyone is chomping at the bit for a new version of the shop tool with all the new items included. I spent ages trying to find an updated copy and that's what's led me to updating the thing for myself. Then I figured if I'm going to all this trouble to update it for myself, I might as well see if i can get a few people to help me test it once I'm done and then possibly we can get a newer version out to the general public for use.

Biliter if you are reading this, check your PMs and reply to me about the changes etc and let's talk about getting this thing updated.

I just knew that one day I'd be able to use my Accounting and Excel knowledge for something fun and helpful. :P

If you are interested in helping me test this beast out when I'm done to squash any bugs, send me a PM and I'll get a copy over to you.

Additionally if you are a shoppe/stall owner that could help me get access to the management screens (specifically apoth, distil, real estate, IM or furnisher) so that I can finish updating the rest of the sheets, that would be a great help.

Once I get the updated tool finished, I'd also like to hear from people that have certain requests for features that aren't currently included in the tool. I know I've said to myself many times...gee i wish it did this or that for me. Usually I just end up making the changes to my personal copy of the tool, but I'm guessing some other people have the same thoughts as me so I'd like to know what you want this thing to do for you that it's not currently doing.

I'm not going to attack the rack pricer yet but I'm also not going to remove it from the tool at this time. I will probably tackle that after I get the new items added in.
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